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Inspiration: In War Machine Pitt's character is named Gen Glen Mc Mahon, but the events and personalities covered correspond accurately with Gen Stanley Mc Chrystal's downfall (Mc Chrystal is seen in March 2010)'We had no interest in impugning General Mc Chrystal or any of his guys,' said Pitt.

The two services used by these individuals were OKCupid and, two of the largest and most popular dating websites on the Internet.

In War Machine, Michod summons some of the spirit of war comedies like Catch 22 and M-A-S-H." The film captures an American military driven by politics, illusions and personal aspirations.

Pitt's general, with a deeper, gruffer voice than Mc Chrystal's, comes charging into Afghanistan with outlandish delusions of grandeur and departs amid self-inflicted scandal.'We were tapping into a melding of war and comedy - two things that used to co-exist quite conformably, but in this day and age don't,' said Michod.

[There's] too many egomaniacs dating each other, and they're exploding left and right." According to Stanger, it's no coincidence that Hollywood couples can't seem to last.

"Angelina, I would give her someone who is in philanthropy, like a Bill Gates, who's hot, that gives money to philanthropy.... That girl goes to church more than anybody." "The technology has changed, and we think we're smarter but we really are getting dumber.

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