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Four of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, convicted and transported to Australia for founding a union in the 1820s, were Methodists.

When the Labour Party became powerful after the 1890s, its ideology was said to owe more to Methodism than Marx.

Since no clergymen were available, Maxfield took it upon himself to preach to the congregation.

Wesley was annoyed by this and returned to London in order to confront Maxfield.

However, his mother, Susanna Wesley, persuaded him to hear Maxfield out, suggesting that he had as much right to preach as Wesley.

The group broke away from the Anglicans in 1795, attracting support in the new industrial cities.

The church soon became central to working- class politics, with its preachers prominent in the Chartist movement and among leaders of the growing trade unions.

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