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Some studies have shown that around 20% of women post older and somewhat misleading photos of themselves on their online dating profiles.As for the lies regarding financial matters, they probably aren’t too hard to pick up on either.This type of scam often sees the scammer taking time to develop a strong online relationship with the victim.After forming a strong bond over the course of a few weeks or even months, the scammer will eventually send you some money orders and request that you cash them and wire transfer the money back to him/her.

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This scam often seems harmless, so victims often go along with the requests without worry.Sometimes the scammer will simply use a fake cheque.Sometime after you’ve wired the money back to your supposed love interest, the bank will detect the forged money order or fake cheque and the victim is left liable for the money, while the scammer disappears unscathed.One tell-tale sign of this type of scam is the e-mail address the scammer may be using.If you receive an e-mail from something like [email protected], it obviously isn’t the actual e-mail address of any police force in Ghana.

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