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Df T officials claim it will avoid important archaeological sites and will not intrude into the view of the setting sun from Stonehenge during the winter solstice.

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I see girlfriends who were too lonely and have ended up with tossers.'She added that any potential suitor would need to be 'single, solvent, serious and funny'.The so-called Queen of Mean, who was given the nickname for her stern on-screen demeanour, is about to bring back the much-loved quiz show for a celebrity special.However, she said that there is a pressure to remain 'thin' that comes with doing TV work, and that she is on a 'permanent diet'.'I never have breakfast. 'I'm like Victoria Beckham – you know, when she's really, really, really hungry, she has a piece of lettuce.'When asked whether you have to be thin to be on TV, she replied: 'You don't necessarily, but in order to be on television when you're old, you have to be clever and thin.'On the topic of work she had done on her face, which she said 'was 14 years ago', the grandmother-of-two admitted to having 'a bit of Botox - not a lot' over the years.Important criteria had not been met, including ensuring the tunnel was long enough that its entrances did not harm the World Heritage Site and adequately considering options for constructing a bypass outside the 10 square mile protected area, Icomos said.Following Mr Grayling's announcement, Historic England, the National Trust and English Heritage said in a joint statement: ”This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reunite this ancient landscape which is currently severed by a huge volume of road traffic.

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