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I had a slow night shift a few months ago, so I put together this flowchart which I’ll update if things change again (as they did in December 2015 with the institution of Re PAYE.) Pretty sweet huh.So start at the upper left, with medical school graduation. Years ago, I co-signed a student loan with my then-husband. I made payments until the bank notified me the debt was forgiven. We are experts on the ins and outs of student borrowing and repayment and on how to minimize its impact on your overall financial health.We work with you every step along the way until your issues are resolved.Step 2 is to refinance all private loan debt and enter the Re PAYE program (assuming you can make the payments) with your federal debt.Step 3 is to refinance your private loans again (you should get a better rate upon residency graduation) and decide whether or not to go for PSLF. If so, go into IBR or PAYE (which cap payments at a 10 year standard repayment- Re PAYE does not.) Step 4 is to live like a resident until the loans are gone.Almost all residents will want to go into Re PAYE with their federal loans.If you are eligible for PSLF (meaning you are employed by a non-profit throughout and after your training) you’ll want to take advantage of that with as much of your debt as possible.

After that it is easy to fill out an application for each company.

Even if you expect PSLF, live like a resident anyway until you save up enough money on the side that you can pay off the debt in case PSLF goes away (or is capped) and you aren’t grandfathered in.

The student loan refinancing landscape is constantly changing. There are now 20 or more total lenders in this space.

First Republic Bank – 0 back to you Reviewed here, First Republic offers the lowest rates but only available in California, New York City, Boston, Greenwich CT, Portland OR, and Palm Beach FL.

In order to get the negotiated WCI deal, email [email protected] with the words “First Republic Referral” in the subject line for a direct referral or contact my banker Kerry Berchtold at 339-235-0419 or and let her know you were referred by WCI.

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