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In his book, "Today, many followers of the Milwaukee continue to ask why those responsible for the company - its management, its shareholders and creditors, its bankruptcy trustees, its regulators, and the court responsible for overseeing the company in its final years - made the decisions they did, and whether the Milwaukee might have been able to survive in some form if different decisions had been made.

Those are important questions, and they deserve the best answers that serious scholarship can provide...," the original trainset entered service on May 29, 1935 and was greeted by throngs of trackside patrons during its maiden run.

In his book, "," company historian Jim Scribbins points out the initial 5 miles to Wauwatosa was completed quickly with the final rails spiked down on November 20th.

Afterwards, the company hosted an impromptu excursion over this new trackage, pulled by the M&M's only locomotive, 4-4-0 #1, named the (an 1848 product of Philadelphia's Norris Locomotive Works).

Regardless, the CMSt P&P blossomed into an impressive system that battled not only for the highly competitive Midwestern agricultural business but also lucrative Pacific Northwest transcontinental traffic.

It enjoyed the longest, end-to-end network of any American railroad, stretching from Louisville, Kentucky to the Puget Sound.

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As an independent it held no allegiances to others and was not influenced by moguls like Hill, Harriman, or Budd.Its earliest corporate predecessor was the Milwaukee & Waukesha Railroad, chartered in 1847 for the purpose of connecting its namesake towns with the Mississippi River.More than 10 years would pass, however, before it became a reality.According to the book, "" by authors Charles and Dorothy Wood, after the "Territory of Wiskonsan" was established in 1836, a committee met on September 17th that year to incorporate a railroad for the purpose of serving Milwaukee, the region's one noteworthy settlement.Fighting among various business leaders and politicians regarding exactly what type of transportation entity would be built delayed progress; many opted for a railroad, some wanted a canal, and others a plank road.

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