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Chapter 1It was after my divorce, I was alone, I could do exactly as I wished.

I had long, during my marriage, been visiting BDSM sites on the internet, I had even visited Mistresses in realtime, I had even visited transvestite Mistresses.

I enjoyed nothing more then getting my ass raped, by a strap-on, or a real cock.

I had never had anything really big up there but I was training it up with dildos etc..

The guy who opened the doors, looked at me, and then at the other guy, and laughed at the sight of his raging cock.

"Mistress is going to whip you good if you've been playing with yourself, I hope you haven't been talking to our friend here?

I heard laughter coming from the webcam, which told me she had company at her end.

As expected, she ordered me to strip for her, which I did, and told me to parade in front of the webcam.

" of course, I thought she meant on cam, so I said I would love to be their sex slave for the night."Good, we know where you live, stay just as you are, we will be round to collect you." She then cut the conversation.

I didn't know what to do, I didn't really want to be taken from the house as I was, but I grew more and more excited.

"Get it out for me," I said, "it seems a shame I'm the only one naked".

"I daren't," he said, " Mistress will punish me just for playing with myself, she would kill me if I got my cock out." "How can she know you've been playing with yourself, I won't tell her".

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