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If he commented on a programme, he would say something like, ‘I didn’t like the tie you were wearing.’ I could be interviewing the Dalai Lama, the Pope and the Queen and he’d go, ‘Yeah, fine but I thought that joke you did at the beginning was a bit off-colour.’ ” He may sound Home Counties, have the perfect BBC presenter’s voice, but does he feel Scottish?He does a bit – even though he grew up with his elder sister in suburban Stanmore, Middlesex, his father having come out of the war ‘bombing the Germans’ and headed straight for a stable life, ending up as the manager of the local branch of the Midland bank.He thinks he has inherited that from his Glaswegian father.“It’s the Scottish Presbyterian this-will-never-work thing,” he says, the flip-side being a similar sense of humour. I remember at his funeral his old mates said, ‘He was always very pleased to see you on television,’ but I don’t remember him saying that very much.

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He was on television my entire life.” Was Anderson a funny kid when at school, Harrow County School for Boys?To his self-deprecating credit, he decides himself a “poor judge of character”. As everyone knows, there were a lot of rumours going around for a long time about him. He said, ‘Look, people are always saying this stuff about me.I’ve been famous for years – if there had been anything, the tabloids would have had me by now.’ ” As for the other two, “I wasn’t aware of dodgy stories – certainly not with Rolf Harris. A bit craggier, to be sure, now he’s 61, but the twinkle in the eye is there, the grin comes naturally, the dimply cheeks remain endearingly cherubic and, surprisingly, there is still a lot of hair for a man who appeared to be going bald in the late-Eighties. In the shadows, he still looks, so far as one can tell, a lot like the golden boy of yore, or at least the one-time poster-boy for Channel 4’s early days of doing things differently.

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