Symantec endpoint protection 11 updates not updating

(332291 EN_Hotfix_3600) Issue: The Office Scan 11 Service Pack 1 package contains an older version of "Ofc CMAgent.exe".

Solution: This hot fix updates the "Ofc CMAgent.exe" file to the correct version.

) are looking for them somewhere else, hence there never being any new updates!?

The reason I wanted you to try live update on the client computer is so we can identify if the client is being managed or not. Since you can send instructions to the clients, obviously the clients are being managed.

Does that mean they ae managed rather than unmanaged?

It just seems as though Live Update is storing the updates in one place and the clients (manager?

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I have reinstalled both manager and client, I have searched this forum and Google but have found nothing that helps!

"Download Live Update Content" shows that Live Update starts, checks for updates and does/does not download them as appropriate. I haven't tried to download the definitions on any of the clients themselves as it kind of defeats the object of having a managed solution!

:-) Today, I uninstalled the manager software and the client software from the server.

The Live Update function appears to work and the home page of the Endpoint Protection Manager shows that the info is up to date.

If I look at the "Show Live Update Downloads" screen, it is empty and says "No Live Update Content has been downloaded".

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