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There is huge emphasis on marriage in this version, would this be similar to the families on the V5 Familitchi?It is unknown right now how the marriage feature differs from previous versions of Tamagotchi, but we can’t wait to find out!It has 6 stages of life: Aside from different games, The Tamagotchi Connection v3 makes few changes in comparison to the v2 Like the v2, the older the Tamagotchi gets, the more games it has access to, and there are still 6 stages of life.The Tamagotchi Connection makes additional changes to gameplay instead of simply changing the games and other minor details.The Tamagotchi Connection is unique from prior models in that it uses infrared technology to connect and interact with other devices and was first released in 2004, 8 years after the first Tamagotchi toy.Using the device's infrared port, the virtual pet (referred to as a Tamagotchi) can make friends with other Tamagotchis, in addition to playing games, giving and receiving presents and having a baby.Once your character is an adult, it can adopt a pet.

Different characters appear in the park at different hours throughout the day - if your character is a male, it will meet female characters, if it is a female, it will meet male characters.After the second date you will be asked, if you want your character to get married.The Tamagotchi Connection (UK: Tamagotchi Connexion) is a virtual pet in the Tamagotchi line of digital toys from Bandai.It appears that this device will a new location that has been added to Tamagotchi Channel, Rainbow Hills (pictured below).This seems to be the theme of this new Tamagotchi such as the Dream Town theme of the Tamagotchi P’s.

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