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You refused to talk to me, so my Younger brother thought he could talk to you and you might listen. You have been the one crying the blues by your actions. subscriptions etc.) For somebody who accuses another of coming out of the closet, you sure have great knowlege on gay porn web site locations. It was too soon and the alcohol didn't do any favors there either. Pete has also many of times told me he was bi polar and had other mental issues. Best of all those stupid cops are so incompotent I doubt they could catch a cold. Just wait till that bomb making kit I ordered comes in. When I called you out, all you could do was cry to your "Big Brother Robbie". I can understand you want to warn ppl, that's fine. I saw him the next night at my friends trailer again and he was all over me, practically shoving blow up my nose and cramming vodka down my throat.

Those who accuse others often have issues themselves. And anything I said about you to her was not in bad intentions. As far as I know he was never medicated or received professional help. Nothing is funnier then outsmarting a doughnut hound! When I refused to talk to him; the two of you decided that the cops should be involved. Mike Rochester-USA Alright I have read all, yes ALL, the reports and I have come to this conclusion. But there are somethings you have no control over, the faster you realize that the better off you will be. Likes to prank people by sending them pizzas, making threats, playing pornographic movie clips on the phone(leaving orgasm sounds on the answering machine). Trying to be tough and independent, I did not fight him off and did only 2 lines because my nose started to bleed.

If you engaged in sexual activity with this girl then you are guilty of a sex offense. Life is too short to be pissed off over a simple misunderstanding. I'm not wasting any more of my time with reading your B. He would always be embarrassed when his mother would stumble in to their ramshackle trailer after her long shift at one of the local dives, screaming and cussing about what a loser Pete was. I will seach some of these other reports, and put my two cents in. BTW, He lives with his grandmother in Spencerport NY.Thank god when I was tapping her, the kid belonged to the guy that took over where I left off that day. She told me how she wanted an open relationship while she was back in Brockport. After she licked my lollypop; the first thing she did was call her B/F and tell him about it!! At first I thought this guy might be a victim of poor upbringing, but after reading this post I believe he should of been prosecuted for the acts he talks about on this post. That goes for Lew, Shawn, Amy, Melissa, and any of your friends. He asked me to go into the bedroom, and like "the naive little girl who thought she knew everything" I did. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. Do yourself a favor by "Looking Outside of the Box". I lived in Brockport from 1994-99; I know all about Millspaugh. My last word of advice is: Chose your friends better. As for the coke, I dot ever remember that being at my trailer. I'm not going to say much more except: Her name and phone number is on the bathroom wall of every dive in Brockport, Hamlin, Batavia, Bergen, Lylle Ave. BTW, He lives with his grandmother in Spencerport NY.My real worry is that he will pull this crap on the wrong person and they won't respond on this site; they'll repond in person to his house at 129 PEASE RD SPENCERPORT NY 14559. What kind of relationship do you have with a used up, stretched out airhead?? Everyone knows your biggest fear is to get your a*s beat. Either way I don't care, just let people live their lives the way that they want to, that is their American right. It's obvious that you are the one putting up all these phoney posts. It would not suprise me if you were banging her on the side. Then one night at his trailer when his mother was asleep he put in a gay porn (men, not girls! Completely freaked out and stoned, I ran out of the trailer and went to a friends house.Phone#352-0116 Well Pete, I wish you the best of luck in getting help with your bi polar disorder, multiple personality disorder, and whatever other myriad of mental defects that torture you on a daily basis. I can detect a twerp like that in an instant; and treat her accordingly(I. I need not travel to monkeyville; sorry I have not seen you yet... You have proved yourself the biggest p***y since you wrote this several months ago and haven't faced up to your challenge. I wish I still had the nasty prank on my answering machine that you and Dooter did on April fools (1994). About a week later, I found out that I had a nasty STD (genital worts, I KNOW, DISGUSTING!

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